How InXpress is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

From moving media to moving freight: Hamish Strahorn, InXpress Northgate

11th June 2021

Hamish’s focus on the customer has seen him take out InXpress Rookie of the Year alongside highest Customer Retention in 2020.  Let’s find out more about Hamish’s approach.

After 20 years in the media advertising industry, Hamish Strahorn knows what it takes to work with clients to help them achieve their goals. Most recently working with Channel 9, Hamish was responsible for communication strategies that integrated brands into Nine’s TV, Radio and Digital assets.

So clear communication and a desire to see his customers succeed is in his blood.

The choice was easy

Hamish has previously worked in the freight world. Post college, he worked with Hamburg Sud in Sydney, before venturing overseas to explore new opportunities. This familiarity with freight, combined with a high level of customer service and the timing of COVID, were the combination of factors that led Hamish to InXpress.

Hamish bought into InXpress at the beginning of 2020, during the height of COVID when freight was booming during the middle of the pandemic. 

“The decision to buy into an InXpress Franchise was driven by a passion to try my hand at a new challenge.” Hamish said.

At the same time his research showed that InXpress offers a great support network for the franchisees.

Support is critical when overcoming challenges

Hamish loves the independence of running his own business and building something for himself and his family. While he stresses that it’s not all smooth sailing, the support network of genuine people who have his best interests at heart are the special sauce that helps InXpress franchisees navigate troubled waters.

Hamish is adamant that personal relationships are the key to success. If his business partners know that he will do his utmost to achieve the best possible outcome and move quickly and proactively to drive outcomes over and above customer expectations, then he is building relationships for the future.

Challenges come with running your own business

Hamish reckons the mental challenge is the hardest thing he’s had to deal with. Moving from an employee role where you take home a paycheck every week for 20 years to running his own business has seen him embark upon a massive learning curve. 

“Doubting yourself is a natural part of owning a business, which is why the support network of the InXpress model is so important.” he said.

Service equals success

Hamish took out Rookie of the Year for 2020 alongside the highest Customer Retention. Hamish believes the two go hand in hand. Winning clients is hard, so you want to keep them and the only way to do that is through genuine service and good pricing. Hamish was genuinely humbled by the awards but he realised he still had a long way to go and a lot more hard work to continue the growth of his business into the future.

What does the future look like?

Hamish wants to continue to work with like-minded partners, especially in industries he has a passion for. This combination, he hopes, will allow him to grow alongside his partners’ success.

To summarise, Hamish said “If I were to give one piece of advice, I would say that there’s no substitute for constant hard work and persistence. These things in combination lead to success.” 



From moving media to moving freight: Hamish Strahorn, InXpress Northgate