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Sustainability – why it matters to us!

5th June 2023

You may think it odd for a business in the shipping industry to talk about “sustainability”. But, it’s because we’re a shipping franchise, that we’re doing more than just talk about it!

InXpress Shortlisted for a Global Franchise Award

13th February 2023

For the third consecutive year, InXpress has shown themselves to be world-class after being announced as a finalist for this year’s White Collar Franchise Award – a title they won in 2021!

Dos' and Don'ts of Ecommerce

27th December 2022

While larger E-commerce businesses can do same-day or even the next day, many businesses can not match this efficiency.

InXpress proves it’s one of the UK’s top franchises

16th December 2022

With the release of the Elite Franchise Top 100 franchise brands in December, rise up the ranks again to number 4! In the Top 5 for the fourth consecutive year.

New Year on the horizon... where will 2023 take you?

12th December 2022

Before you start trotting out those same old New Year’s resolutions, why not plan something which will really have a positive impact on your life; like starting a rewarding, new business?

InXpress takes home International Franchise of the Year for the second year running

23rd November 2022

InXpress was recently named winner of the International Franchisor of the Year award for the second year running at the FCA National Excellence in Franchising Awards, and we are so proud of this new addition to our trophy cabinet!

How the right technology can transform your business

14th November 2022

Looking to start a business which will give you an edge in these uncertain times? The InXpress franchise, and its revolutionary software platform, can give you what you need to excel as a market leader.

Steps to follow for shipping products across borders

17th October 2022

One of the ongoing challenges faced by businesses is deciding where to store and how to ship their product.