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DHL Express AU Customer_Response Plan Update 18 March 2020

DHL Updates

Update received 6 August 2020

Good news, after a comprehensive review of all emergency surcharges and continuous negotiations with our vendors we have made a reduction to our current emergency surcharges. We have also reduced the free minimum pick-up weight requirement from 10kg to 5kg. This decrease became effective 01 August, 2020.

Once again thank you for your continued support, if you have any questions with the above, please reach out to your Account Manager directly for further information.

Update received 28 July 2020

All DHL Express receptions in Victoria are temporarily closed until further notice, to protect the health and safety of customers and employees. 



  • There will be no drop off of any shipments at any receptions in DHL Express Victoria.
  • There will be signage at the DHL Express Victoria receptions to point customers to book online
  • DHL Express Victoria will still be delivering and picking up as normal

Update received 26 June 2020

DHL have advised us that there will be a change in the DHL Emergency Situation surcharge as of the 1st of July, the changes are:

  • China and Hong Kong to AU & NZ reduces to $2.75/Kg (from $3.00)
  • China to EU, AM and ROW reduces to $1.50 (from $3.00)

See table below for surcharges:

Update received 10 June 2020

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the US has experienced a dramatic increase in PPE and Personal Mediation import shipments. Many of these shipments are coming from inexperienced Origin Shippers that lack the necessary paperwork for a seamless clearance, resulting in increased bond levels, delays and RTOs. Specific requirements around import PPE and Personal Mediation shipments must be met prior to exporting to the US.



The importation of over the counter (OTC) and prescription medicines is strictly controlled.


The importation of OTC (non-prescription) medication by individuals (“B2C”/”C2C”) is prohibited. 


Commercial shipments (“B2B”) invoices must include the following: 

  • Precise description of product including form, dosage, generic name, chemical composition and derivation
  • Packaging – largest to smallest (must be applicable to product)
  • Quantity for each level of packaging
  • Intended use
  • Country of origin/production
  • Complete name and address of the manufacture

Importation of prescription medications by individuals is limited to a three-month (90 day) supply if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • Effective treatment is not available in the US
  • Documentation from the doctor (including name & address) responsible for treatment confirming that the drug is for personal use and includes the drug name (trade/generic), quantity, dosage and condition being treated
  • SSN for US citizens
  • Proof of foreign citizenship (passport & Number) & length of stay in the US



In addition to the general requirements, the following is needed for PPE:



  • Manufacturer name and address
  • Fabric details (i.e. paper, cotton, etc.); Device Listing Number



  • Manufacturer name and address
  • Fabric details (i.e. paper, cotton, etc.); Device Listing Number



  • Manufacturer name and address
  • Device Listing Number, Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) approval number




Recent events in Minnesota have resulted in on-going wide spread unrest and violence across the US. DHL will continue to attempt service in all markets but ensuring the safety of all employees will remain our Number 1 priority. 


Many states have implemented curfews as the unrest is expected to last the remainder of this week. Standard checkpoints will be captured to ensure proper visibility for any shipments that may be affected.

Update received 14 May 2020

DHL often has issues when charging Duties/Taxes to Sales Partners accounts for shipments to end customers not booked by our Sales Partners.

This is especially so when the end receiver’s ABN notes on our imports system suggest that a particular Sales Partner account number is debited for these charges when in fact another arrangement has been made by the party which organised the shipment ie. Shipper paid for freight but consignee responsible for Duties/Taxes.

Starting June 1st, we will contact the end receiver and agree payment methods before shipment delivery. Either the end receiver (i) pays online via credit card or (ii) confirms a DHL account number to be used for these charges.

This new procedure will ensure that the correct payment method is in place so that we avoid payment issues, invoice issues and resulting account queries.

Update received 30 April 2020

Please find link to the latest DHL Weight & Dimension Restrictions for download.

Update received 29 April 2020

DHL eCommerce Update

We have resumed service to twenty one lanes highlighted below, you can find a complete updated list of temporarily suspended lanes here, please note Bangladesh and Cambodia are currently suspended.

Reopened Lanes as at 29 April: 

Our Emergency Surcharge has been revised for Packet Plus International, Zones 2, 3 and 5, charges listed below are effective 01 May 2020.

As you know there are significant postal delays to most lanes and tracking visibility has been impacted due to back logs at sort hubs and destination countries. We have prepared a customer statement that you can view here, it highlights the current global delays that are beyond our control, you may share this with your customers if required.

We will continue to keep you updated with the latest service alerts however delays are expected, the current delivery time for the US and Canada is up to 25 days for all postal services, including Packet Plus.

Update received 27 April 2020

As the continuous measures to control the quality of export medical goods, China Ministry of Commerce(MOFCOM), Customs and State Administration for Market Regulation(SAMR) jointly published a new decree (No.12/2020) on Apr 25th and take effective on Apr 26th . The new decree focuses on the management of non-medical face masks and medical device not registered in China FDA.


For non-medical face mask, exporter needs to clearly understand the quality standards of the face masks to be exported:

1.       If face masks follow China quality standards, exporter needs to check if the manufacturer is in SAMR enterprise “black list” (can be found at SAMR website):

a)         If in the “black list”, shipment can’t be exported.

b)         If not in the “black list”, shipment can be accepted. CN exporter and importer at destination need to sign a joint declaration as supporting document for export customs declaration

2.       Face masks follow destination country quality standards, exporter needs to ensure the manufacturer is in the MOFCOM “face mask white list”(attachment 3)

a)        If in the “white list”, shipment can be accepted. CN exporter and importer at destination need to sign a joint declaration (attachment 1) as supporting document for export customs declaration

b)        If not in the “white list”, shipment can’t be exported


For medical device(COVID-19 test kits, ventilator, infrared thermometer, Surgical/medical face mask, Medical Protective Cloth), exporter needs to know if  the medical device registered in China FDA:

1.       For medical device registered in China FDA,  no impact from the new decree. Just following existing process

2.       For medical device not registered in China FDA, exporter needs to check if the manufacture in the MOFCOM “medical device white list”(attachment 4)

a)        If in the “white list”, shipment can be accepted. CN exporter needs to provide “Export declaration of medical supplies” (attachment 2) as supporting document for export customs declaration

b)        If not in the “white list”, shipment can’t be exported


Chinese government came out 3 new policies in 30 days to regulate the quality of export medical device. It shows the great concerns and focus in this area. As the border agency, customs put more than ever efforts to check the declaration paperwork and inspect the physical goods. We saw huge volume of shipments held in customs due to low quality of clearance paperwork from shippers. Paperwork quality issue not only just slows down the whole process, but also increases the potential customs compliance risk to DHL. From operational perspective, it’s impossible to have our couriers to remember all of these new requirements of paperwork considering the dynamic changes of customs policies. As a solution, DHL CN started shipping documents pre-check process for medical goods to ensure the medical goods we accepted are good for customs clearance. Shipper provides clearance paperwork to DHL in advance. DHL courier will pick up shipment when paperwork passed the pre-check. Here’s the process in detail:

-          Customer sends all necessary customs declaration paperwork (image and forms) to dedicated DHL mail address

-          CN HUB/GTW clearance team evaluate all the paperwork and provide the assessment feedback to customers by an email response. If paperwork is fine for export declaration, a QR code is sent out to the customers in the same email response. (If paperwork found non-compliance with customs requirements, the customer will be notified by the email response telling the potential issues, no pick-up is accepted)

-          Customers may go to register booking and schedule pickup by couriers upon receiving the QR code and an acceptance response.

-          Couriers  complete pick-up and scan the QR code.


Please kindly understand DHL has always taken its legal obligation and ensure the compliance seriously. We seek for a kind understanding from our customers and network in this special period to cooperate the above mentioned pre-check process and procedure.

Update received 17 April 2020

DHL eCommerce Solutions - US Parcel Direct Conditions of Service

As communicated on Wednesday, 15 April, our Parcel Direct service to the US has resumed, please find updated general terms and conditions for this service here.

By continuing to ship with DHL eCommerce Solutions, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms.

Please also note our list of temporary suspended destinations has been updated, service has resumed to: 

  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Macao
  • Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile Iraq has been suspended, click here for the complete list of suspended lanes.

Update received 15 April 2020

DHL eCommerce Solutions - COVID-19 Service Alerts & Emergency Surcharge Update

Several destinations have been temporarily suspended without sufficient notice, due to postal backlogs, capacity constraints and/or government restrictions, effective today we cannot accept any postal shipments to Canada, however our Parel Direct Canada service is operating. 

Parcel Direct continues to France and other European destinations. Parcel Direct US has resumed. We are currently working on our Parcel Direct Singapore service, we will share applicable rates in the coming days.

Due to the continuing instability with airfreight capacity we have adjusted our emergency surcharges, effective immediately. 

Click here to download updated surcharges table


List of temporarily suspended destinations as at 15 April 2020:










Dominican Republic





Antigua and Barbuda






Saint Vincent and the Grenadines










El Salvador




Sao Tomé and Príncipe



Equatorial Guinea




Saudi Arabia










Eswatini (Swaziland)




Sierra Leone














Sint Maarten










French Polynesia











South Africa







Sri Lanka







St. Helena/Ascension/Tristan da Cunha

Brunei Darussalam






St. Kitts and Nevis

Burkina Faso






St. Lucia





















Syrian Arab Republic

Cape Verde







Cayman Islands






Trinidad and Tobago

Central African Republic


















New Caledonia





Hong Kong












Comoros, Union of the














Costa Rica









Ivory Coast


Papua New Guinea


Wallis and Futuna







Western Sahara

















South Korea





Received14 April 2020

Change of legislation in China (CN) – effective 10th April.

(CN)  Medical Device Export Requirements by new customs announcement No.53

As the further measures to ensure the quality of export medical goods, China customs published a new announcement (No.53/2020) on Apr 10th and took effect on the same day. According to the announcement, all of the following medical goods have to meet national quality standards, for which additional export clearance paper wok  are required and customs will impose 100% inspection on:

COVID-19 test kits, ventilator, infrared thermometer, Surgical/medical face mask, Medical Protective Cloth, Medical/Surgical Hat, Medical Goggles, Medical/Surgical Gloves, Medical Shoes Cover, Patient Monitoring Device, Disinfectant Towel, Disinfectant .

The direct impacts that the new regulation have on medical shippers in China are:

1.            No impact for shipment sent from private individual to private individual, value limit is RMB 1000

2.            All of the medical goods mentioned above shipped from business to business or business to consumer has to be declared as formal entry and provide the following documents in addition to standard shipping paperwork(waybill, invoice, packing list, sale contract, power of attorney).

a.            Company statement for the export of medical material(chopped copy)

b.            Registration form of medical devices manufacturing (chopped copy)

c.             Screenshot from China FDA website for registered manufacturer/product

d.            Quality Assurance (QA) tag for the product by the manufacturer (accompany with the physical product)

e.            Manufacture permit for medical device (nice to have, may help faster clearance)

f.             Copy of business license from the manufacturer (nice to have, may help faster clearance)

g.            Test report from the manufacturer (nice to have, may help faster clearance)


3.            Masks, protective cloth, gloves, goggles etc. that manufactured for non-medical purpose do not need to provide medical certificates for export clearance, however will all be physically inspected by the customs. Any medical material declared as non-medical, and not able to further provide medical certificate, will be detained by customs for penalty. If words like “medical”, “surgical” shown on the product, it will be considered as medical goods regardless the usage of the goods.


To ensure the compliance to the new regulations, for DHL as  an export clearance broker, and also to avoid further increase of on-hold OB volume due to customs detainment mentioned above at CN hub/gateway, China couriers/drivers will strictly verify the medical commodity against non-medical at the time of pickup, and ensure full paperwork required for medical shipments are available before accepting medical related shipments.


TW Customs has announced that they will enforce Real Name Authentication from 16th, April, 2020 for all B2C and C2C import shipments with value (CIF) less than TWD 50,000 (USD 1,667) (for non-import license items). This means that Customs will authenticate the names of Consignees (CNEEs) locally via their mandatory telephone numbers which have been registered with Customs system to be included with the shipment details:

For shipments where telephone numbers have not been registered with Customs, consignees will receive a one off warning message from Customs Broker on import to register their telephone numbers. If the consignee continues to refuse to register with Customs, the Customs system will reject the import declaration for all subsequent import shipments. In this case, Consignees can provide paper based/fax power of attorney (POA) within 7 working days so that DHL TW can proceed with clearance. If no POA is provided or no telephone numbers provided upon contact, these shipments may be returned.

In order to avoid delays at clearance, please ensure that:

  1. CNEE telephone numbers ( better be cell phone number as Customs system registration can only accept cell phone) are included in the shipment details; and
  2. CNEE has registered their telephone numbers with Customs by downloading the application from the following link

The Customs announcement can be found at here.

Real Name Authentication information can be found at here.


09 April 2020 | ABF Restrictions: Export of PPE

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has introduced new regulations that restrict the export of specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from Australia.

DHL customer service are to screen any pick up requests containing PPE:

  • Disposable face masks, gloves and gowns
  • Protective eye wear in the form of goggles, glasses or visors
  • Alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer


These items can be shipped by DHL Express if any of the following exemptions apply:

  • For personal use by a passenger or crew member in their accompanied personal effects
  • By a person sending PPE for their relative’s personal use
  • By a humanitarian organisation for non-commercial purposes
  • By an Australian manufacturer of the goods
  • By a person who exported those types of goods in the course of their ordinary business, and is registered for Australian Goods and Services Tax and has an ABN.


DHL Express can accept these commodities as long as they meet the exemption criteria. For example, shipments from legitimate Australian manufacturers are acceptable, as are personal shipments of small quantities to family members.

Please note the ABF has not released information on what constitutes “small quantities”.


Imports into India – Effective 10th March

DHL India have recently had an influx of customers not understanding the correct process when sending inbound Personal Effects (also referred to as unaccompanied baggage) to India. DHL India have requested the below information be sent out to all as a handy reminder.


1. DHL Waybill Requirements:

Section 2

  • Shipper Name: As listed in passport and visa.

Section 3

  • Consignee Name: Must be same as Shipper Name.
  • Delivery Address: Consignee address as listed in passport and visa.
  • Phone, Fax or Email: Consignee’s valid India phone number and email address.

Section 5

  • Full Description of Contents: Must start with ‘Unaccompanied Baggage’.


Click here to view sample

  1. General Instruction:

Personal Presence Required:

  • Consignees personal presence is required for the clearance of unaccompanied baggage shipments. In the event Consignee chooses not to personally present themselves at the airport, then a Power of Attorney authorising their representative should be sent with the shipment from Origin.

Original Passport:

  • For the clearance of unaccompanied baggage Consignee or representative has to carry Consignees original passport.

Duty Free:

  • Only used personal articles of traveller like books, cosmetics, shoes, clothes will be cleared duty free and others will attract duty. Additionally, local taxes, airports/public warehouse charges and demurrages if any will be levied.

Furthermore, additional information on what documentation is required for dutiable (Non-Doc) shipments being sent to India has been provided below:

Imports to India (IN)

  • All Non-Doc shipments received into IN need the consignees Know Your Customer (KYC) documents.
  • When booking in collections to IN, Consignors to include the Consignees GSTIN or PAN on the DHL invoice.
  • To further minimise custom delays, please ensure accurate postcodes and phone numbers are being provided.
  • The import clearance can only begin after the above information is available. Import declaration must be made within 24hrs of landing. After that time, India customs apply late filing penalties on the importer. (Penalties include €70 per day up to the 5th day and €140 per day thereafter).
  • DHL Customs Declaration (Invoice) must be typed and not handwritten.

How to complete KYC

  • All Consignees in India can visit for more information and one time update of their GSTIN, PAN or KYC documentation for customs clearance.

A list of valid KYC documents can be also be found via

Update received 7 April 2020

DHL Express
DHL have today advised that until further notice the following restrictions are now in place.
Within the Asia Pacific region, all pick ups from all countries (within Asia Pacific and including Australia and New Zealand) will be restricted as follows:

  • Maximum total chargeable weight PER SHIPMENT will be 300kg
  • Maximum total chargeable weight per PIECE/CARTON will be 70kg

All cargo that falls above these new maximum restrictions will not be accepted, until further notice.

Received 6 April 2020

As disruptions in the logistics industry continue, we have needed to readjust some of our European routes. Please note for France we can currently only accept Parcel Direct or Packet Plus shipments, effective immediately. Our Packet Plus Zone 3 and Parcel Direct France emergency surcharge have been revised to reflect this temporary service change, see table below.

Also listed below is our updated list of temporarily suspended lanes, freight received for these destinations after 07 April 2020 will be returned at cost to customer.

Click here to view Temporary Service Change table

Please note we cannot accept freight to the below destinations due to country block, postal backlogs and/or flight cancellations, new additions include South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. *Note we can accept Packet Plus to Finland, Georgia and Greece.

Click here to view  Destination Country Block table

We will continue to keep you update with the latest service alerts, however due to the ever-changing situation please expect delays of up to 15 days.

By continuing to ship with DHL eCommerce Solutions, you will be deemed to have accepted these new conditions set out in this email.


  • Surcharges are GST zero-rated and in AUD dollars

  • Surcharges will be charged in addition to the applicable rates based on product and destination country

  • DHL reserves the right to charge other applicable surcharges in addition to this Emergency surcharge

Received on 31 March 2020

A Nationwide Lockdown in South Africa is effective from midnight Thursday 26th March. DHL Express will continue to operate during this period, having been approved to transport all goods that are classified as essential

DHL Express can support moving the following essentials;

Medical products including Hospital supplies, equipment and protective equipment

Products that support essential services e.g. machinery required to keep food production going, products required to keep medical support going (parts, machines, etc)

Please note that DHL is only allowed to carry the above commodities (or related items), no other exports will be accepted – Please ensure that your customers are aware.

To help you keep up to date on DHL operations in impacted countries, you will find via the link below the latest update on the DHL Express network status:

Download  DHL Limits on pieces and shipments.

Update Received 27 March 2020

A Nationwide Lockdown in South Africa is effective from midnight Thursday 26th March. DHL Express will continue to operate during this period, having been approved to transport all goods that are classified as essential

DHL Express can support moving the following essentials;

Medical products including Hospital supplies, equipment and protective equipment

Products that support essential services e.g. machinery required to keep food production going, products required to keep medical support going (parts, machines, etc)

Please note that DHL is only allowed to carry the above commodities (or related items), no other exports will be accepted – Please ensure that your customers are aware.

Update received 24 March 2020

In the face of the challenges posed by the current global COVID-19 situation, DHL Express is working to maintain a reliable delivery service for you and your customers. As mentioned in our previous message, we are currently mobilizing our business continuity plans, monitoring and responding to rapidly changing local conditions. We are also making safety our top priority.

We do this because we strongly believe in our company mission: “Connecting people, improving lives”. Never has that been more necessary than it is today. Enabling the flow of goods, ranging from consumer products to relief supplies, plays a crucial role in the welfare of the world’s citizens and the stability of our societies.

In order to ensure operational continuity and to keep connecting the world with a high-quality service, we will temporarily and until further notice levy an Emergency Situation Surcharge to all Time Definite International (TDI) shipments.


DHL Express transports your shipments around the world using our own fleet of dedicated DHL cargo aircraft, supported by significant amounts of commercial air cargo purchased on passenger flights. This unique model provides the coverage, capacity and service levels that you, have come to expect, connecting all 220+ countries and territories worldwide.

You will all have seen in the news or experienced firsthand the dramatic impact the current COVID-19 crisis is having on the global aviation industry, resulting in significant reductions or complete cancelation of passenger flights in most countries.

Our Global Network teams have been working around the clock to react and adjust our network, adapting it to reflect the changes in capacity and demand resulting from the global upheaval. The massive reduction in available commercial air cargo capacity and destinations has necessitated a switch to more indirect routings and the purchase of additional cargo aircraft lift, which is in high demand.

These factors, among others, increase our costs during this period to unsustainable levels.

This Emergency Situation Surcharge will allow us to cover part of the operating cost increases and the necessary air network adjustments during the time of this emergency situation.

Please find below the mechanism of this surcharge:


 Billing Method

 Chargeable Weight

 Charge Amount

Emergency Situation Surcharge

Fixed Charge
Per Shipment 

 Up to 2.5kg

No Charge 

 2.51 - 30kg

 $ 4.50

 30.1 - 70kg

 $ 25

 70.1 - 300kg

 $ 90


 $ 350

Below you will find how this will work for 2 example shipments:


20 kg shipment from Wellington (New Zealand) to London (United Kingdom):

Surcharge amount: $ 4.50


190 kg shipment from Toronto (Canada) to Auckland (New Zealand):

Surcharge amount: $ 90



The Emergency Situation Surcharge will be effective as of the 1st April 2020 until further notice.



The Emergency Situation Surcharge will be applicable to all Time Definite International (TDI) shipments.

It is not applicable to Time Definite Domestic (TDD) shipments and does not apply to our Life Science and Healthcare customers and DHL Medical Express (WMX) shipments.

We kindly ask you to ensure your invoice approval cycles & process have been updated accordingly to avoid any delays.



To help you keeping up to date on our operations in impacted countries, you will find via the link below the latest update on our network status:

This website will be updated twice per week. In case you need further specific detail about the actual operational status in your country, please contact your account manager or customer service representative.

DHL Express will continue to make necessary adjustments to ensure we remain a reliable partner for all your express shipping needs. We will also continue to inform you about any major changes in our service offering. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to your DHL account manager.

Update received 17 March 2020

US & Canada Region:

No Update



With the exception of the  WUHAN / WHU service centre, all DHL service centres in China have received approval from the authorities to resume normal pickup and delivery services from 09 Mar. WUH service centres will remain under service suspension until further notice

Please find the following highlights for the impact to network:-

  • Airport / Flight Operations
  • All flights to and from WUH have been cancelled.
  • Majority of Intercontinental network flights resumed operation.
  • In / Outbound WUH Operation



Following the news of the decree signed in Italy due to Coronavirus on March 8th, this is to inform that DHL can continue to operate as normal so no additional restriction on service level apart from the 11 lockdown cities mentioned below.

Please note that public places such as Museums, Schools, Universities etc. will be closed by decree till April 3rd. Not delivered shipments will be scanned accordingly.

Pickup and delivery service to the 11 lockdown cities mentioned below is suspended until further notice (DCT updated accordingly):

• Bertonico 26821 - MILEAI

• Casalpusterlengo 26841 - MILEAI

• Castelgerundo 26844 - MILEAI

• Castiglione d’Adda 26823 - MILEAI

• Codogno 26845 - MILEAI

• Fombio 26861 - MILEAI

• Maleo 26847 - MILEAI

• San Fiorano 26848 - MILEAI

• Somaglia 26867 - MILEAI

• Terranova dei Passerini 26827 - MILEAI

• Vo Euganeo 35030 - VCEHPD

• Vo Vecchio 35030 - VCEHPD

• Vo 35030 – VCEHPD



As per the GCAA Safety decision 2020-01 issued by Airport operations control, all aircrafts operating scheduled and/or non-schedule flights (including cargo and passenger flights) between the Islamic republic of Iran and UAE shall not be permitted to enter UAE.

Currently there are no alternative flights which can be used for both Inbound and Outbound, so the service to Iran will remain suspended until further notice.



COVID-19 infection cases has grown fast over the last few days with about 80% of the cases related to the participants of religious cult gathering in Daegu, 250kms south of Seoul.

On Feb 23, the government raised the alert level to the highest ‘Red’ and the education ministry instructed all schools to delay their coming semester by one week.

DHL services are carried as normal across the country including Pick-Up and Delivery (PUD) services to key accounts and hospitals.

Access control such as quarantine and temperature checks are observed at some of the customer sites, delaying our PUD services.



D.P.R.K government announced on Saturday, 22 February 2020 that all flights, trains, trucks and ships in and out of KP are suspended until spreading of Coronavirus is under control. DHL couriers in KP can still perform PUD operations, but the shipment transportation to and from KP  is blocked temporarily. Inbound shipments to KP will be on hold at the HONG KONG HUB for the time being. Please expect long service delay into KP.